• You have a full bust & midsection
  • Rounded shoulders
  • Fullness in tummy area
  • Great breast and lower legs
  • You feel uncomfortable when clothes are tucked in
  • Weight gain occurs in waist and bust
  • You have a flattish tush
  • May have a curved back
  • Your problem area is your central torso
  • You have wonderfully shaped legs
  • Celebrity “Round” figures:
    Catherine Zeta-Jones,
    Melanie Griffith, Mariah Carey,
    Adele, Jessica Simpson


  • Congratulations! You have great legs!
  • Your goal is to create the illusion of length
  • Emphasize area above your bust and below your hips
  • V-necks are great for you
  • Clothes should hang from your shoulders
  • Avoid fabrics that are bulky with too much volume
  • A-line and cardigan style jackets are a winner
  • Avoid pockets
  • Avoid gathered waistlines and other details around mid section
  • Choose fluid fabrics that hang well and don’t cling or hug your body
  • Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!!!
  • A thick heel can be your best friend