inverted triangle


  • You’re bigger on top with a larger bust
  • Shoulders are broader than hips
  • You have a flat tush
  • Weight gain occurs in the breast, midriff & belly
  • Wear larger size on top than on bottom
  • You have a straight rib cage
  • You have a straight & squared shoulder line
  • There is little definition between your waist and hips
  • Your bottom half appears smaller than your top half
  • Celebrity “Inverted Triangle” figures:
    Charlise Theron, Sherri Shephard,
    LeAnn Rimes, Naomi Campbell


  • Congratulations! You can wear all those great print leggings
  • You have great shoulders and bust
  • Halter necks are made for your shape
  • Highlight your hips & bottom to balance the upper and lowers body
  • Focus all your attention below your waist
  • Keep an uncluttered look
  • Keep details to a minimum on shoulder line with simple pieces
  • Wear pockets & detail on pants and jeans.
  • Can choose skirts with pleats or panels.
  •  Avoid frilly tops and gathered waistlines
  • Separates work better for you