How do you score on the Accessory Quiz? March 31, 2016 16:57

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I’m thankful for the amazing education I received at the Fashion Institute of Technology and of all the super talented teachers I was fortunate to work with.

I want to share with you a tool that we learned that Stylists and Image Consultants use that help take basic looks and make them interesting and stylish.

Take a look at your outfit and give yourself one point for each of the following items.

 One point for:

  • Each color in the outfit
  • Prints, texture or detail
  • Eyeglasses or sunglasses
  • Shoes (1 point for each extra detail)
  • Handbag (1 point for each extra detail) (0 points for plain black bag)
  • Stockings/socks (each detail & color count as 1 point if visible)
  • Colored nail polish
  • Nude nails (0 points)
  • Contrasting buttons
  • Contrasting belt
  • Jewelry (watch, chains, earrings, rings, bracelets, etc.) 1 point each
  • Scarves, ties, bows, ruffles, monograms, labels, contrasting trim (1 point each)

Total up your score.

 If the total points are under 8, then you are Under Accessorized.

 If the total points are over 18, then you are Over Accessorized.

 So the balance between 8 & 18 is what we are aiming for.

Now without judging others, take a look at different outfits and count up their accessories. And see if you agree with this scale. Do you find the most interesting outfits to fall in between this range? Do you prefer a simpler look or one that has more detail?

Let's do some together...

Beautiful, classic Jen.








 We can't see her shoes, but she's probably wearing something that's her MO. So Jen is just making the 8 mark.  And many times she's around a 4 to 6.  That doesn't make her boring, just classic.  This is her look, and it works for her.


Now let's talk about my idol, Iris.  Who would purposefully break the rules and laugh at this quiz.  She does what she wants and she does it with confidence (which can count as an accessory in itself).

I think I count 18 points just from the top half of her.  She probably scores in the twenties. And this totally works for her.  

"More is more and less is a bore"

-Iris Apfel


You can see I have detail in my shoes, two necklaces on, a big ring and a few bracelets.  I think a full face of make-up, especially a bright lip color, can count as another point.  

This is typical for me.  I usually score in the high teens.  But I'm totally an accessory gal.  

This is a tool to use but by no means is it a rule to live by. If this makes you feel like you’re trying to fit into a box that’s uncomfortable, then don’t force it.

The fun of style is that it’s an expression of who you are and that shouldn’t be dictated to you.

This just may help you evaluate someone's look that seems so effortless, but a few accessories, color or textures can make it super interesting.  

This is a fun game to play while sitting on the subway.

As always, have fun with your style.


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